Choose A Practical Exercise Regimen

exercise Although, buying expensive exercise equipment and joining the gym may be helpful in achieving your fitness goal, but unless you actually use these facilities you can never think about staying healthy. In most cases, we set up fitness goals which are too far off from our current fitness status and since all fitness programs require time before they can show up results, we tend to leave them midway.

 So the first thing is to be realistic and set up manageable goals and not jump onto some intensive fitness program all of a sudden.

If you’re serious about fitness, then you must think along the lines of taking baby steps to improve your fitness level instead of spending a lot of money on expensive gadgets or getting onto rigorous exercise in programs that you may not be able to follow regularly.

Here are some small ways to make a small and realistic beginning towards long-term fitness. We have mentioned here a few easy exercises, which won’t require more than 30 minutes of your time on a daily basis.

•    Walking: whether you do it out on the streets or in the garden, maintaining a brisk pace is the most important criteria. The other things that you need to be particular about are good posture and comfortable footwear.

•    Basic aerobics: Just about half an hour of aerobics, three times a week will have a real healthy effect on your heart, while a few months down the line you will be pleased to see a well toned body.

•    Indian yoga: you don’t need much of energy for this type of an exercise program, but yoga has shown wonderful results in improving flexibility, endurance and overall health.

•    Martial arts: these are a lovely alternative to regular exercises and while they offer all the benefits of a regular exercise program, the additional benefits are that they enhance your confidence and your self defense skills.

•    Climb the stairs: when you don’t want to do anything else, or are limited because of resources, then let stairs be your best friends. Just spend about fifteen to twenty minutes running up and down the stairs and that’s a wonderful cardio workout.

These are just a few simple ways to get started, and you can always think about other ways to break the inertia and take a step forward to getting fit.

Sidharth Thakur