Chocolates And Heart Health

chocheart In the present day stress and strain tend to develop high blood pressure symptoms. This condition has associated problems and so measures have to be taken to keep the blood pressure in check.

There are many ways to do so and your family doctor would surely suggest you ways and means to keep blood pressure in check. There is a rather interesting way to put a check on increasing blood pressure.

You can do that by consuming only 30 calories of chocolate per day. Isn’t that just simple and sweet? You could try that out today to keep a check on your blood pressure.

You have to choose the right type of chocolates, that is, according to Joseph Maroon who is an M.D. In his famous book The Longevity Factor he tells it all about the chocolates in particular which help to keep you healthy. These are not sweetened bars but minimally sweetened ones which have a seventy per cent content.

Aiding blood flow and reducing blood clotting and atherosclerosis can also be reduced by dark chocolates. This also helps to improve the levels of cholesterol and reduce heart attacks. The cocoa bean is rich in powerful antioxidants.

There are some more good reasons to eat chocolates.

For a better blood sugar control intake of chocolates is necessary. It helps to improve the effects of sugar and insulin.

You get fewer wrinkles and lines and a wonderful complexion with the intake of chocolates.

You are in a better mood too with the consumption of chocolates. There is a “feel good” factor working in chocolates. They act as mood boosters too.

Flavonoids are elements found in chocolates that help to make you look younger and feel younger too. Your heart health is good with an intake of 30 calories flavonoids in chocolates.

So high blood pressure can be controlled and heart health can be improved if dark chocolates in the proper form can be taken everyday.

Truly, medicines couldn’t have been sweeter than that. You can reap the benefits of antioxidant reveratrol with the consumption of chocolates, acai berries, blue berries and tea.