Chocolate Wedding Favor

Your wedding has just been solemnized, and now it is time to thank your guests who have made your wedding day special by attending it.

Your wedding favor should portray the real you. You may decide on a favor that could be elegant, fun, cute or classic. But if you are looking for a wedding favor that is truly unique and not to forget ‘sweet’ then you should definitely gift your guests with some chocolates.

Chocolates in any form; crunchy, soft, chewy, coated or liqueur filled will definitely strike a ‘sweet’ cord with your guests. Guests will definitely enjoy a box of the dark aphrodisiac. If you are planning to gift your guests a box of custom made chocolates their pleasure will be even greater.

Once you have decided to give your wedding guests chocolate favors, then it is time to shop for them. You can hunt for chocolates in stores which specialize in selling chocolates, candies and other sweet meats. For a better and unique selection of chocolates go online as the options are endless.

Once you have purchased those melt in the mouth chocolates, it is time to hunt for unique containers to put the chocolates in. You can place an order for customized tin boxes to hold the chocolates or even go in for miniature reed baskets.

If you have that creative streak in you, then you could try your hand at making some customized chocolates as your wedding favors. These personalized chocolates will be appreciated by your guests, mainly for the thought and effort that has gone into making the chocolates.

One of the most popular options in chocolate wedding favors are; custom made candy bars. You can place an order for specialized chocolates with you and your spouse’s pictures printed on them in edible ink. Otherwise opt for monogrammed chocolates which features your initials.

To add a dash of sweet fun, purchase themed chocolates. These can be easily procured from high end chocolate makers such as Malley’s and Godiva’s. Go unique with chocolate cupids, chocolate wedding bells, chocolate bride and groom, chocolate champagne bottle, calla lilies crafted from white chocolates or even chocolate roses.

If you are planning to give chocolate coated favors, then you could go in for nuts, pretzels, fortune cookies, dried fruits or almonds which have been dipped in chocolate.