Children’s Beach Art Projects

Children's Beach Art Projects

Children's Beach Art Projects Beautiful sand, clear sparkling water, the warm breeze and the shining sun, sounds like a perfect day at the beach. Everyone loves going to the beach and children enjoy even more. But there can be more to the fun family day at the beach.

Every element at the beach offers some interesting ideas for beach project whether it is the water, the sand, the breeze or even the sun. Open the door to your child’s imagination and you will be surprised to see your little artist’s mind at work. There are so many things that you can do at the beach apart from building sand castles and here are some really cute and interesting beach art projects that not only your child enjoys but even you will surly love helping you child with them.

My Own Ocean

When you are at the beach, start a conversation with your child about the sea and their creatures. Explain the various elements the ocean is made up of like so many kinds of fish and other sea animals, the sand, stones, shells, sea weeds etc. Help your little one in making his/her one little ocean with or without fish.

While at the beach, allow your child to treasure hunt for shells and stones and let him/her carry some sand as well. In a fish bowl arrange the sand, the sea shells and the small stones that you child has collected and slowly fill it up with normal drinking water. If you already have a fish bowl or a fish tank in your house allow your child to put some of the shells and stones in it. This will give your child an image about the underwater world.

Sea Shell Wonders

Sea shells are found in many different colors and sizes. Children love collecting sea shells and we always wonder what could be done with them. There are lots of beautiful works of art that can be made out of shells big or small and off course all starts at collecting sea shells. You can make necklaces, decorative candles, art frames and so much more.

For making a necklace you need many small shells and one big shell. Since it is difficult to pierce a hole in a shell you can stick them on a piece of ribbon with the help of fast drying glue. Before sticking the shell remember to arrange them placing the bigger shell in the center resembling a pendent. To make decorative candles, buy a reasonably sized candle and decorate it by sticking different shells either in a pattern or randomly.

Making a sea shells frame is extremely simple and easy, again just purchase a box frame which has some space between the base and the glass. Now take a piece of cardboard that is the size of the frame and make a rough drawing and mark where you would like to stick the shells. Children can get very creative while doing this; now just use a hot gun to stick them. Before framing this art make sure that the shells have firmly stuck and do not forget to complete it by coloring the plain area of the cardboard.

Sand Art

Sand Art

Sand art is very easy and fast to make and your little one will surly enjoy making his own. You just need sheets of white or colored paper and white glue that dries fast and the most important sand. On the sheet of paper first make a rough drawing or patterns with a pencil, once done make outlines with glue keeping in mind to work fast with glue, just pour the sand all over the paper while the glue is wet and wait for a minute or two and let the sand magic happen.

Let you child slowly pick the paper holding two parallel edges. While the excess sand flows off you are left with a beautiful painting made with just sand and glue that your little one will be so thrilled to see. You can even add colors to this painting and frame it. Display this beautiful art work in your living room or bed room.

Color My Shadow

This project is really fun and innovative. Teach you little one the concept of light and shadow through this art project. You will need big sheets of paper, crayons and the lovely sun. Make your child stand on the beach making sure that his shadow falls on the sheet of paper which you need to spread out on the beach. Adjusting the distance make an out like of the shadow. Now you and your child can fill up the outlines with different patterns with crayons.

The Wind Rattle

This rattle is easy to make and your little one will really enjoy playing with it. You will need metallic sheets of paper in different colors, glue and a stick about the height of your child. Cut the paper into long stripes and stick edges of each strip on a long stick and raise it in the sand.

The colorful strips fly in the direction of the wind making soothing sounds and stop when the wind stops. Your baby will simply love the motion of the stripes; don’t forget to teach your child about wind and how the strips change direction with the wind.

Making Water

This project will help your child know more about the water cycle but if your child is very small to understand just have fun with it. You will just need a sheet of clear wrap and a small container. Dig a hole, the size of a basket ball in the sand and pour water in it. The water may not stay and may seep in the sand but don’t worry that’s what this project is all about.

Place the container in the middle of the hole and now completely cover the hole with the sheet of clear wrap and secure its edges with sand or stones. Place a small stone on the clear wrap in the exact center of the container. You and your child can now go on a long walk on the beach and when you come back he/she will be so thrilled to see a little bit of clean water drip down the clear wrap in to the container. Explain to your child about the whole process and that how clean water comes in the container.

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