Child Prodigies – Characteristics Of The Gifted

It happens more than often that a child who is gifted goes unnoticed for being too strange and not normal in any way. This especially happens with children with abnormally high I.Q. Has there even been a time when your child exceeded your expectation in something?

Or has never had difficulty in learning something? Or started talking way earlier than a normal child would? There are a lot of early signs that shows that your little baby or a toddler is definitely a notch higher than others regarding something. It doesn’t always have to be the never changing A+ grade in their report card. A gifted child can show abnormally high talent in anything, be it art, music or even sports.

Common characteristics include advanced ability regarding anything, be it learning faster, extreme creativity, advanced ability for reasoning and understanding and also advanced memory. Children with higher I.Q also show a high understanding of their surroundings and situations which you wouldn’t expect a normal child to understand.

But this can’t always be true. Albert Einstein didn’t know to read or write until he crossed the age of 4. Sometimes, prodigies grow out of their apparently retarded growth and spawn into someone who is intelligent beyond your expectation a little too late.

Gifted children also have an advanced ability to think and contemplate things which other children would never think of at that age. Showing keen interest in something particular and being already really good at it right from the beginning can also indicate that your child is gifted. For example, if your child is only 4 years old and can play drums as good as a pro drummer, you know that your child is gifted.

These kind of children are also extremely observant and may sometimes show signs of knowing something before you could teach them. Ability to question things that normal children wouldn’t think of shows that your child has an advanced ability for reasoning and that acts as another indicator for being gifted.

Some children are aware right from their early days that they are different from others. They know that there is something that is separating them from the rest of the children. This might cause some amount of aloofness and a sense of lack of belonging in them.You might also notice a level of judgment that is a notch higher than an average kid.