Chic Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Short, Medium or Long Hair

As the warm winds of summer have laid their hands on us women are scampering around to get their hair styled in ways that will help to keep the summer heat at bay. If you are one of those women who wants to get their hair out of their face and yet look stylish then I have a few great tricks that you can try.

Don’t frown if your hair is too short and keeps getting in your way and don’t cut it if it is long. Maintain the length of your hair and style it to give you a break from the summer heat.

Ponytails are a rage this summer as they swish and swing as you walk. It creates a sense of wonder about the person. As an added bonus this style can be transformed from a day to a night look with minimal effort. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping your hair in place, make your ponytail look fashionable and prevent your hair from looking limp.

The ponytail is now a huge rage on the runway. Models are walking down the ramp wearing low ponytails that are tied on one side. Hollywood is raging about the high ponytail that is being twisted and tied into a bun. Let’s look at the different ways you can style your own locks and look stylish and trendy.

Women with short hair:

If you are sporting a layered shoulder length cut; then style your ponytail at the back and give it a beach wave look by twisting a few strands of hair around the crown of your head. This will give you the prefect summer look.

Women with medium or long hair:

If your hair is medium length or long then you can experiment with your ponytails and try different styles. You can wear a side ponytail for the day look. If your hair is not setting well; tie your ponytail high and then braid the hair to get new look and keep your hair in place.

Long hair can also get away with a low ponytail that is tied into a bun or braided and twisted around the crown of the head.

If you are styling your hair for the office then wear the ponytail with a hair band in order to pull back all your hair.

A key to keeping your hair healthy and well groomed in summer is to avoid washing it too often. Though you may take additional showers during these months you must avoid using shampoo on your hair too often. You may rinse your hair with warm water however do not apply too many products on your hair too often as they may dry the hair at the tips.