Chic Cocktail Dresses For The Fashionable Woman

Chic Cocktail Dresses For The Fashionable Woman

Chic Cocktail Dresses For The Fashionable Woman In her closet, every woman wants to have that chic and classic black dress, which is suitable for any occasion, be it a wedding, parties or formal functions. But, wearing black all the time is boring! It may seem elegant and formal, but it is dark, and one does not want to be labeled as such.

Variety is The Spice Of Life 

Every woman should consider different colors and styles to exude her good looks, or even to enhance her best features. A woman’s choice of color and style reflects her personality and fashion taste. Outstanding cocktail dresses of colors other than black, speak a lot about the woman.

Learn From Celebrities

Not every woman is blessed with good fashion sense. If you are one of them, there is always help. You can pick up some good fashion sense from celebrities. They are always well dressed by their fashion designers. Take a look at what the celebrities are wearing.

What they wear to the public events, reflect what they are. Thus, many Hollywood stars tend to put on similar outfits or styles, to make a fashion statement about their own selves. Thus, there is competition amongst them, to wear something that will not bring about fashion face-offs.

You can decide if there is any celebrity who is similar to you before trying out the same fashion. If not, you can create your own style in fashion.

The Better Look

For example, a week ago, Kelly Brook went to a public event in a sparkly black dress that was very close to what Denise Richards was wearing. But yesterday, she was seen wearing red at the ‘Spring & Summer 2011’ collection by Marchesa. Olivia Palermo, Sex in The City star, also came in similar dress style and color!

Even though, two celebrities may be wearing similar styles and color, one tend to stand out better than the other; so it was for the model. She had complemented her little red dress with matching red stilettos and silver clutch. Her higher fashion style was most appropriate for the event and the venue, which was the Chelsea Art Museum.

Chic Cocktail Dresses

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Kelly Brook looked distinct in her red cocktail dress. The matching color satin shoes complimented her long and slim legs. In contrast, Olivia looked pale in that similar dress; adding salt to the injury, her choice of a grey Proenza Schouler boots, did no justice to her red dress, or to herself as a personality.

One could be wearing an evening-style that is simple and still look great, which goes to show that the classic dress style principles are always in place. A pretty face and even a model figure will add mileage for a woman, in terms of attention grabbing moments, but, one has to pay a lot of attention on her fashion style, as she does her career or any other aspect of her life, especially when you are a celebrity.

You can add points to your fashion sense with the right accessories and footwear. Do not belittle these items that can add mileage to your fashion score.

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