Checklist For The First Day Of School Of Your Daughter

Checklist for the First Day of School of your Daughter

Checklist for the First Day of School of your Daughter It’s the first day of school of your daughter and you already have butterflies fluttering in your stomach. It is obvious to feel jittery and apprehensive for the first day of school of your daughter as you don’t want anything to go wrong on this day.

First day at school is a new experience for the kid and for you as well. In order to ensure that everything goes right on the first day of school of your daughter and nothing gets messed up, just refer to the checklist given below which elucidates the important tasks that need to be accomplished before the first day of school of your baby girl.

A little preparation before the school begins is necessary to prepare your daughter for the school and subsequently for the whole new set of people she is about to meet. By following the simple steps given in this article, you can prepare a positive attitude towards school in your daughter’s mind and help her in adjusting better to the new environment.

Once you have planned to put your baby girl in a school, keep giving her slight hints that soon she’ll be going to a new place every day for few hours where her parents won’t be able to accompany her. Tell her how beautiful this new experience is going to be and how she will get a chance to befriend new people in the school.

Checklist For The First Day Of School Of Your Daughter

Right Clothing

Choosing the right and appropriate clothing is a crucial step while preparing for the school. Generally, a child’s first experience of school is a playschool. If the playschool in which you have enrolled your child has prescribed a uniform, make sure that her uniform is properly washed and cleaned and nothing is out of place. Pay special attention to the colour, length, etc. of the uniform. However, if casuals are allowed in the playschool, dress her into smart clothes that should be properly cleaned and ironed. Don’t dress your child in something too fancy and gaudy. Keep it simple and subtle by dressing her in sober clothes.


Once you are done with the clothes, the next step is to turn your attention to the accessories which includes socks and shoes. If the school has prescribed specifications for these items as well, follow them carefully.

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In case you can dress in socks and shoes of your choice, pick ankle length socks in white colour and preferably in cotton so that it does not give her rashes if worn for long hours. Avoid socks that are fancy, laced or printed.  While choosing shoes, pick the plain black ones with buckles to fasten the clamp.


If your daughter has short hair, put a hairband and small clips to keep the hair in place. For long hair, make a plaid or clip them nicely so that the hair doesn’t bother her at school.


Get a nice bag for your child and stuff it with all the necessary stationary like pencils, eraser, books, notebooks, ruler, etc. Read the routine given by the school and give the correct set of books to your daughter.