Checklist For Kids’ Bathroom Safety

bathroom Parents often wrap the electrical outlets s that their children are unable to play with it or put their hands into the sockets. However, there are some other factors too to keep your child safe.

You need to put a lot of strength to open and shut most of the toilet doorknobs. As a parent, you have to make sure that the bathroom doorknob is circular in shape. Also, ascertain that lever style handles are incorporated in these doorknobs so that it is hassle-free for your child to either open or close it. You may even opt for those toilet locks that can reset itself when you lower the seat.

Bathroom tiles could pose another threat to you kids. Most of the bathroom tiles may become slippery at times. If children slip on them, they may get hurt and such injuries may sometime be extremely serious. So, to prevent your kid from getting hurt by falling and slipping, it would be wise to spend on building a skid-proof bathroom mat. Having such a mat would prevent your children from getting hurt by falling and slipping.

While using a tub, put a slip-resistant mat at the bottom in order to prevent your kid from tumbling. If your house has water heaters, set the apparatus to 120 degree Fahrenheit. This temperature would be hot enough to take a shower. It is wise to buy an anti-scald apparatus that will stop the flow of water if the temperature of water becomes excessively high.

This will prevent your children from getting burnt in water that’s extremely hot. Another potential danger to your child could be the toiletries and other bathroom essentials. So, keep such things like shampoos, detergents and other chemical products beyond the reach of your child so that he/she doesn’t get hurt.