Checklist for Items to Take To the Beach

Going to the beach? Then you have to take some items for your feet, your hair and your skin. Here is what you need to pack if you are going for a trip to the seaside:

First of all let us consider the checklist for attire. Flip flops, sneakers and sandals are the three foot wear items that are required at the beach. Of course the shoes will be worn otherwise too when you might want to go somewhere else, shopping probably!

Carry a bag that comprises of jeans definitely. Carrying pants is an also an option that you might want to make a decision on. Ensure that you have packed your shorts and your tank tops and T-shirts.

Always keep an old t-shirt handy in case you just want to sit on the beach, listening to the sound of the surf. It also comes to use when you want to cover yourself from the sun.

Carry a sarong to wear on the beach. It will make you look quite alluring with your hat and shades. Ensure that there are at least two bath towels, one that you will use to lie on and the second that you will use to dry yourself with. Alternatively, find a beach blanket. Keep a wind jacket as well in case the bright day becomes overcast and there are squalls!

Then come the items for your body. Sun screen and sunglasses are items that are to be included without saying. Keep eye drops with you because the chances of sand getting into your eyes are a lot when you are at the beach.

It could be a gusty blow of wind or a volleyball game, ensure that your eyes are safe. If you get sand in your eyes, clean then with water and use the eye drop.

Also carry aloe vera oil that you can apply after the sun screen as it will be an additional coat that will not only prevent sun burns but will also nourish the skin.  Hair scarf, bandanna or a cap for your hair will help it being held together and the possibility of the hair getting dirty will get reduced.

All these and you are ready for a fabulous beach time!