Cheap Spa Treatments

ayurveda-spa-treatments The world is hard pressed for money today and everywhere there are cutbacks and budget crunch but that does not mean that once in a while you cannot get a relaxing spa treatment to rejuvenate yourself.

But what to do with the high cost? Well,  where there’s will there’s a way. Even in this time of severe cost cut you can avail yourself a relaxing spa treatment within your budget but you have to only know how.


Just as you have been affected by the meltdown so are the spa companies. They have been forced to reduce their business and are offering competitive prices. Check them out. It is highly likely that you will get an offer within your budget. After all they also need to do business.


There are many sites in the net like the spafinder, spaflyer, spavelous etc which will give you a comprehensive list and discounts of the spa centres in your locality. Sign up for the news letters  and updates and who knows you may land with a great deal.

Short Services:

Even if you can’t afford a full spa therapy you can always go for a short service like half an hour head massage or some other parts of the body. They are generally cheap and won’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Add on Services:

Many spa centres will not be willing to reduce the prices but provide you with a complimentary add on service or may give you new customer incentive. Just ask them.


Well not exactly but just ask them. You will be surprised how  much you can gain by polite enquiry. All the professionals are always eager to know the mind of the customer and if they realise that you are going to be one of their permanent customer then they may give you certain discounts to get your business.