Cheap Skin Care Products: Are They Worth The Risk?

skincare-paradox Parting with your cash isn’t easy, and that’s reason enough for us to feel thrilled at the thought of discount or sale. As long as you buy cheap clothing and get the right quality, there is absolutely no problem, however when it comes to personal care products there is always a lot of confusion about whether to buy cheap skin care products or not.

If a bottle of skin care lotion that costs only $6.00 has the same effect on your skin as a $20.00 skin care lotion than it might sound quite foolish to pick up this expensive one. However, what usually happens is that while both the lotions may moisturize your skin, just about the same and offer somewhat similar protection, the price differential is because of the ingredients that go into these products. The choice of particular skincare ingredients is what separates the high end products from the low end knockoffs.

A cheap body lotion may serve the basic purpose of hydrating your skin, but you can never be sure that the inferior quality ingredients used in it will not cause any side effects or adverse reactions to your skin. On the other hand the high end, organic skin care products, are less likely to cause any problems.

Side effects

Continued usage of inferior quality cosmetics can give birth to some major problems because their ingredients may react with the body to produce toxins. Saving some little money now, could give you some unwanted surprises down the road, when you’re struck with some serious medical consequences and may have to spend much more on the treatment. The side effects can come in the form of allergies, early development of wrinkles, pigmentation, development of cysts and tumors, eye related problems, asthma and bronchial diseases.

Free radicals have the most damaging effect on our bodies, and certain toxic ingredients present in cheaper beauty care solutions can stimulate the growth of these free radicals. And these free radicals are what trigger most health problems.

The old proverb “penny wise pound foolish” goes fairly true, when you give in to the temptation of buying cheap personal care products to save a few dollars today, trying to ignore that you may have to spend thousands of dollars tomorrow on corrective medical procedures.

Sidharth Thakur