Changing Skin Care Needs with Growing Age

When you’re in the peak of your youth, looking great with a good skin tone is just about easy, even with the least skin care. But with the passing years, if you don’t keep up with a good skin care program you will find it difficult to maintain the elasticity and suppleness of your skin. The regular wear and tear, sun damage, formation of wrinkles, disfiguring of the skin tissues and age spots can leave you looking drained out.

And while plastic surgery and botox treatment may offer solutions to firm up your skin, these invasive and chemical methods should really be your last choice, to erase those years off your skin. With increasing age all you need is a little extra care to maintain your skin in good shape. Let’s take a look at how you need to keep modifying your skin care routine as you move from youth to old age.

The prime time

Well in your twenties, the skin is at its peaking glory and doesn’t need much care. A regular sunscreen and moisturizer application, along with deep cleansing is pretty much enough to keep up a good show.


By now you must be a mother and you may be over occupied with your children, with less time to spend on yourself. Beyond 30, the skin turns a little drier and the sun damage also begins to show up. You’ll see some fine lines emerging around your eyes, so get yourself some eye creams to rule out these lines as soon as they appear.


When you cross 40 you may find your skin has lost its firmness and is slowly giving in to aging spots and wrinkles. Now is when you need to begin taking serious care of your skin using anti-aging creams, deep moisturizers and regular facials.

Mid-age crisis

With the onset of menopause and the accompanying imbalance in hormones, your skin is bound to show more signs of suffering than ever. And obviously your skin needs more care now to keep up a smooth texture and a healthy skin tone. Keeping your skin deeply hydrated is most important to prevent the deepening of wrinkles; look for an anti-aging cream with vitamin A to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

60 and Beyond

By now your collagen levels have dropped significantly and you need more of Vitamin A and Alpha Hydroxy acids to control and reduce the drooping of skin.

Sidharth Thakur