Challenges Of Dating An Older Man

Challenges Of Dating An Older Man

Challenges Of Dating An Older Man Love comes as a surprise, usually at a time when you are least expecting it. Love sweeps you off your feet and takes you on cloud nine. It gives a new dimension to the way to look at life. Suddenly, life seems much more colourful and promising.

Your plans about falling in love with the right person at the right moment and during the right circumstances all vanish when love knocks at your door. You do not hesitate in taking the leap of faith and succumb to the insatiable feeling of being loved and giving love to the ‘special one’ in your life. Love gives you the feeling of being invincible and infuses such strength in you that you willingly accept to face the most hardest of challenges in life.

Every relationship is a package full of surprises with moments of limitless joy, passion, compromises and even unending tears. Every relationship has certain benefits and pitfalls. When you fall for someone, you have to make a choice and this choice governs the nature of the forthcoming events that are about to unfold in your love life. An unconventional relationship between a younger woman and an older man entails certain challenges which are given below.

Challenges Of Dating An Older Man

Difference in Mind-set

As people age, their priorities in life undergo a drastic change. When two people with a huge age gap fall in love, they might have clashes of opinions regarding their priorities and values in life. Both of them might have different expectations from their relationship which can further lead to compatibility issues.
Overcoming this lacunae is a tough task but not impossible. By inculcating the ability to understand and empathize with each other’s situation, consensus can be reached on significant matters and harmony in relationships can be achieved. However, if you are not able to strike the right chords with your partner and experience clashes of opinion due to age difference, it is time to get over the relationship and move on.

Superficial Matters

If your partner is 10-15 years older than you, it might be possible that he has compatibility and commitment issues with women of his own age. His purpose of seeing you might only be to feel young again and experience the rush and excitement of young age. Check and double-check whether your relationship with the older guy is genuine or superficial.


Having a relationship with an older man may create problems if you plan to have children. Recent studies indicate that a child conceived with an older man runs higher risk of having autism which gets triggered due to genetic mutation of the aged sperm cell.

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Moreover, problems like the inability to take care of the children due to decreased physical mobility and health diseases owing to increasing age is another important factor to be considered in such a relationship.

So before you take make a plunge and commit yourself to an older man, pause for a minute and analyse these aspects of having a relationship with a guy much older than you. Evaluate your relationship from every perspective and find out whether it is worth making the compromises or not.

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