Celebrate Falling Leaves With Your Children

Celebrate Falling Leaves With Your Children

Celebrate Falling Leaves With Your Children When summer ends and just before chilling winds of winter knock is when fall arrives, also known as autumn. Mother Nature is in her full glory offering warm colors that surround us and fresh air that enchants us.

This is a season of celebrations, harvests and family time together, to follow traditions and make new ones for your children to follow. Fall brings back so many childhood memories for adults. Give your children the same pleasure and excitement that every fall brings with it.

There are so many exciting and fun activities and also ways to welcome and enjoy this pleasant season that not only the children enjoy but adults too will what to be a part of this fun. These activities are even more fun when done with mom, dad or friends. Here are some exciting and fun activities that your children love doing and will also definitely teach them so much more about this season.

Dried Leaves Fun

You know fall has arrived when leaves slowly change their color from greens to beautiful browns and oranges and then fall off the tress preparing them for the coming winter. Leaves of different shapes and colors envelope the ground. How can you miss out playing in heaps of dried leaves? This is the most fun way to celebrate fall with kids.

Take your kids out preferable in the day time and let you tiny exited little ones play their hearts out in the heaps of dried leaves, you too join the fun. Allow them to make heaps of leaves and jump and play around in them. For older toddlers sorting leaves by color or shape can be made fun and these leaves can be used for so many different art and craft projects like leaf painting, dry leaf frames or making wreath with dry leaves and many more.

Children of all ages need continuous supervision especially when out. Take care that your child does not put leaves in his/her or other children’s mouth or ears while playing outdoors.

Fruit Plucking

Fruit Plucking

Autumn or fall is the season of harvest. For many fresh fruits and vegetable this season marks harvest time. Give your little ones a harvest experience in a country farm and give them an opportunity of picking their very own apples, pumpkins or pears, your sure to see the little ones so exited for this task. Picking a fruit or a vegetable by hand will be an adventures experience for your child. Prepare delicious dishes with these handpicked fruits and vegetable and enjoy them together with loved ones.

Fall Party

Another great and fun way to celebrate fall is to have a fall party. Have a fall theme party and invite all the friends to join the fun. You can even have the food and the decorations follow the fall theme with leaf shaped cookies, plates and cups that are the color of the season and so on. Let all the guests come in theme related costumes. Let the fall colors flow through you party.

Dried leaves Garlands

Decorate your house with colors of autumn and fall. Make garlands using leaves or use hay for added fun and let you child help you with this. Making tasty tarts, pies and cakes using fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, this also can be made in to a cooking activity to celebrate fall.

Hay Rides

During fall many country farms arrange for hayrides and your child and you can too go for these hayrides. It is really fun and offers a unique experience for children as well as adults. In many places even some community groups organize such hayrides as part of community activities which you too can be a part off.

Fall/Winter Garden

Let you little one make his/her own fall and winter garden. You can grow carrots, radishes, cabbages, lettuce and broccolis as well. Buy seeds and instruction books from local plant nurseries. Opt for fast growing plants. Allow your child to help you in planting the seeds and encourage your child to regularly water them as he/she watch the seeds gradually grow in to plants and once the vegetables have grown, harvest them and what better that preparing a meal using your very own home grown vegetables.

While the leaves turn in to beautiful yellows, oranges, amber, the ground covered with a carpet of leaves and while the pleasant and inviting fresh air surrounds you, go far a long walk or a long drive as a family to see the beauty of nature take its course. Enjoy the scenic beauty and capture these beautiful moments that you as a family spend together in the form of pictures that can be treasured because these beautiful moments will be priceless once your little one grows up.

Sanika N