Causes Of Dry Scalp & How To Treat It

causes of Dry Scalp

causes of Dry Scalp The complaints about dry scalp have increased quite drastically as almost everyone today is facing this problem. River C conducted a research and found the possible causes and treatments of dry scalp.

Symptoms of dry scalp are flaking, itching and sometimes hair loss. Dry scalp occurs when the sebaceous glands do not produce enough natural oil which causes the scalp to become dry.

Harmful Chemicals

The dry scalp can be caused by harmful chemicals that we use in the form of shampoos and conditioners, so one need to be sure that the product we’re using is free from harsh chemicals. It’s advised to switch to a milder shampoo with no harsh or damaging chemicals. It also helps to read the label on our shampoo and other products so that we know what chemicals are in them.

Hard Water

Also, the most important cause of dry scalp is the water that we are using to take bath. So check whether the water coming out of the tap is of good quality or is it hard water as it dries the scalp, which results in flaking and itching.

Sun Exposure

During hot and humid conditions, you may have noticed dryness in your body and to avoid that you apply moisturizers. The scalp gets damaged by sun exposure just as the skin on the rest of your body. The same thing you would need to do with your scalp as exposure in hot and humid conditions would make the scalp dry and in need of a moisturizing product. Moisturize your scalp when you go out in the sun to avoid dry scalp.

Wrong Eating Habits

The dry scalp is also a result of our eating habits. If you are consuming more oily food, there are greater chances that your skin and scalp will get dry. To avoid that, it is always advised to have food rich in vitamins A and C, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Along with that, consume a lot of water daily. The recommended daily water intake is 8 to 10 glasses each day. You can increase your water intake if you engage in outdoor activities under the heat of the sun.

Hot Showers

Avoid using hot water while taking showers during winters as this is one of the most important causes or reasons for the dry scalp. Make a habit of using lukewarm water to ensure that there is no damage caused to your scalp. Using really hot water to wash your hair can draw out the moisture from your hair and scalp.

If one should avoid the common causes of dry scalp and follow what is mentioned above by River C, I am sure that the problem of dry scalp can be easily controlled. The dry scalp is also caused because of lack of essential oils, so it’s good to give some oil massage to your scalp to avoid flaking and itching. Also, the best way to avoid having this problem of dry scalp is to drink a lot of water especially during summer season as our body gets dehydrated easily after being exposed to the sun.