Causes And Treatment Of Dark Skin Under The Arms

Causes And Treatment Of Dark Skin Under The Arms

Causes And Treatment Of Dark Skin Under The Arms During the hot summer months nothing is more comfortable than wearing sleeveless cotton clothes. However, if there is dark skin present under the armpits it makes the situation extremely embarrassing.

Myriad of factors may contribute to the presence of dark skin in the underarm region from improper hygiene routines to ongoing health problems but the good news is that all these reasons are immensely treatable.

Causes and Treatment of Dark Skin Under the Arms

Health Problems

Various health problems like increased weight and higher insulin levels in the bloodstream cause the skin under the arms to turn brownish-gray in color. The right diet and regular exercising can help you to get rid of the problem. There is also a skin infection called Acanthosis Nigricans which makes the skin of the armpits to add on a darker hue. Certain prescription drugs like urea and salicylic acid etc are used in the treatment of this skin disease.

It is important to take the counseling of a competent physician to get the right medication. If the darker color is caused by some kind of microbial infection then in such cases topical creams or the appropriate oral medication are prescribed by the dermatologist after proper testing and diagnosis. However, bacterial infection typically affects just one of the armpits.

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Improper Shaving

Shaving the underarms for hair removal mostly renders them a darker hue and this happens due to the presence of the hair roots which do not get removed during the superficial shaving of the surface. In order to avoid this eyesore it is better to go for processes that remove the hair from the roots like waxing or use of epilators. Another thing that can be done is the use of a pumice stone on the area shaved to remove the underlying roots along with the superficial skin layer along with the collected dirt from the underarm region.

Exfoliation of Dead Cells

Normal washing regime with soap and water is not always successful in removing the dark skin of the armpits which is mainly made of a dead skin layer along with dirt and grime. For an effective cleansing effect it is important to go through a proper exfoliation regime. Regularly apply natural homemade exfoliating agents like freshly squeezed lemon juice, oatmeal or gram flour paste that removes the dead skin layer gently and naturally without any side effects. However, in order to be effective these ingredients need to be applied on regular basis regularly.

Underarm Products

Sometimes, the underarm products used to curb the sweat smell themselves become the villain in the system and contribute in their own way to the woes of a darker underarm skin. The various chemical elements along with the varied aromas present in the regularly use deodorants and anti-perspiring products affect the delicate skin adversely by causing them to turn into a darker hue. So, anti-fungal powders for bacterial protection are always a better choice over the deosprays, when the health of the underarm skin is considered.