Causes And Treatment Of Anemia During Pregnancy

Causes And Treatment Of Anemia During Pregnancy

Causes And Treatment Of Anemia During Pregnancy You was eagerly waiting for the day when you heard that you were pregnant. Well, this is definitely the end of all the tensions that you were going through since last 3 years. Now, it is a new beginning but your worries do not end here rather it changes.

Whenever, you come to know about your pregnancy then immediately consult a doctor and go for certain tests.  He/she will suggest you and the father of your unborn all the possible tests that you need to go through. One of the most important tests at this period is the hemoglobin test to determine the level of hemoglobin which plays the key role to carry oxygen to your as well as your unborn’s body to ensure proper development of the fetus.

Thus if the percentage of hemoglobin is not sufficient in your body then it can endanger your pregnancy and your health too.  If you notice that your hemoglobin has gone down by 9mg/100ml then you will be considered as anaemic.  If you feel lethergic, exhausted, irritable and disinterested in any work donot take it as your symptoms of pregnancy. These are the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy.

Causes for Anemia During Pregnancy

Though gaining of weight is normal during pregnancy but if you gain too much of weight it only make your pregnancy a bit complicated but also can make you anaemic. Because, if you acquire too much of weight then your body requires more oxygen and nutrients than before. The risk also stays with the Rh factor of the blood.

Causes for Anemia During Pregnancy

If your husband is Rh positive and you areRh  negative then you should take precaution to avoid any calamities. Necessary tests should be done to determine the factor  to take further steps. However, if you are Rh negative you won’t experience any symtoms for that. It is a mandatory test and if you are Rh negative an injection  D immunoglobulin is there to neutrolize the fact. Or else your baby’s life can be in danger.

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Treatment for Anemia During Pregnancy

Foods To Take to Avoid Anemia

If you find yourself anemic then start taking iron supplements to overcome the problem of anemia. You need to take also iron enriched foods which include leafy vegetables, green cabbage leaves, cauliflower leaves, mustard leaves, jiggery, coriander leaves.

Treatment for Anemia During Pregnancy

Eggs and so on. Cereals is also a good source of iron. Also take spinach, milk products. Lentis, prunes and so on. Include these foods in your diet to raise the level of hemoglobin during pregnancy.

Take Vitamin C to Absorb Iron Which is The Main Constituent Of Hemoglobin

Iron constitutes the essential part of the blood cell as well as the body but our body can not directly absorb iron. It needs vitamin C to absorb the goodness of iron. Take vitamin C capsule just 10 – 15 minutes before taking the iron pill. It will help to absorb the properties of iron in the body. If you are not interested to take vitamin C pills then you take a glass of orange juice with the iron pill. It will work better than any pill which contains vitamin C.  

Take extra care of yourself if you are anaemic during pregnancy. Examine the blood in between and eat accordingly. Remember, acute anemia can harm the growth of your baby. Eat healthy, monitor your health, do some exercises and give birth to a healthy baby. After all, they are our future!