Causes and Cures of Eczema

A skin inflammatory problem commonly addressed as eczema can be due to any external factors or even you to hereditary factors. Although children under the age of six years are more prone to it, it can be found in grownups as well.

The cause for inflammation can be anything ranging from allergies, to weather, to insect bites to chemical reactions. The common symptoms of the problem are dry, scaly and blotchy skin which may also be itchy at times. Bleeding and blister formation have also been cited in certain extreme cases.

In the absence of proper treatment, eczema can lead to more extreme skin conditions such as impetigo and herpes. Here is a short list of symptoms which will help you in deciding whether the skin problem you’re experiencing is eczema or not.

1.    Repeated development of rashes
2.    Itchy and irritable skin
3.    Patching and cracking of the skin
4.    Skin weeping
5.    Roughness, redness and dryness
6.    Appearance of lesions

If two or more of the above mentioned symptoms appear, chances are that you’re already suffering from Eczema and this can be confirmed by a undergoing a formal diagnosis by a dermatologist.

Apart from, whatever medical treatment your doctor may prescribe there are a few natural remedies which can come handy in dealing with this skin problem. Although, medication is a must to treat eczema, these natural remedies can provide you with some comfort by easing down the inflammation and preventing any further outbreaks.

Evening primrose oil has shown good results in controlling inflammation, whether it is taken as a supplement in the diet or a local application is done on the skin. The other herds which can come in handy are red clover and nettle which can be had in the form of tea. Calendula, lavender oil and chamomile based lotions have a very soothing effect.

Some adjustments in your diet can also be helpful, like taking foods which have more of the zinc, omega-3 and omega-6 Fatty acids.  But do remember all this advice here is to be followed only as addition to the medical treatment, and you must have the antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids that your doctor prescribes.