Casual Wear In Business

workingoffice A survey conducted among women aged between 24-35 has suggested that they find the business dude in all black attire much sexier than the denim clad boy next door.

However women may like it but often men do not. How can they? Each day of their life they have no other option but varieties of blacks with matching belts and shoes. However many companies provide the employees the option of going casual for a single day in the week.

So how can you utilize properly the long yearned single day without looking a rogue in the establishment. We have a few solutions and fashion tips for you. First of all you have to check the rules and regulations and the relaxations offered by your company. While the big companies may allow a semi formal type dress code other smaller farms may allow jeans . So check it out. Also keep an eye on what other colleagues are wearing before jumping into the fray.

Always go for wrinkle free trousers and shirts. They should ooze casual professionalism. You can wear collar shirt with an undershirt. Knitted,  polo, linen or flannel shirts are also generally accepted and look pretty cool.

Kakis, chinos, corduroys ar very stylish and can be worn with shirts. But remember most of the companies do not allow jeans particularly the faded and the torn ones. Be sure not to wear them.

Belts and socks are also very important. Choose black or brown leather belts. They are professional and should match the color of the shoes. White socks are best kept in the sports bag and regarding shoes go for the casual leather ones.

Torn, snickers, canvas shoes are generally not allowed in the office. Always remember you should always be in a position to throw a sport coat and meet any client if situation requires you to do so.