Casual Fridays – Don’t Miss Out On The Professional Touch

professional-touch Who doesn’t love Fridays? I believe every professional looks forward to the casual Friday, where they are at complete liberty to wear comfortable casuals to office. Being able to stay out of pinstripes and woolen blends is definitely a welcome relief.

However, you mustn’t get carried away, as casual Friday dressing still calls for a balance between what is professionally acceptable and what is completely casual. Although you can choose any casuals that you feel like, you must never forget that whatever you wear ought to be within the professional domain.

A simple guide

Here’s a simple guide to looking professional in your casual clothing on Fridays. In this particular piece of text we will stick to detailing out the rules for wearing jeans and casual shoes to office.

Jeans for casual Fridays

Tattered, rugged, worn out and patched jeans are a definite No, no matter where you’re working. Leave all these crazy styles for the weekend, and get into some dark rinse jeans in a traditional wash to keep up with the professional decorum. You must also avoid heavily bleached items as well as those with too much of embellishments. Stone wash and sand wash are again fit for college wear, but definitely not for your office wear.

While avoiding distressed denim is one thing, the other most important thing is to wear the right fit. Avoiding the skinny fit, you can lay your hands on boot cuts and straight fits. Both these styles sit well on most body types, and choosing one in a darker shade will reflect a better business sense.

Even though, the theme is casual you must completely avoid wearing tee shirts to office, rather complement your jeans with some button down shirts or business tops and blazers.

Casual Friday Footwear

The footwear lines that need to stay out of the office territory are flip flops, sneakers and tennis shoes. Ballet flats are the best choice to pair up with your jeans, while not compromising with the comfort and the chic look. Also sandals and trendy heels can be easily clubbed up with the Friday casuals, without compromising with professionalism.

Sidharth Thakur