Casual Fashion For Men And Women

As I was going through the different trends that are moving today, I came across something called casual fashion.

We all have different views about casual fashion as it means a wonderful languorous feeling in dressing up casually. We would do that on weekends perhaps when we don’t need to follow a dress code for office and can be wonderfully casual about what we wear at home or to a get-together at a friend’s place.

I was rather surprised to find a lot many dresses could fall under the casual fashion group. It can be anything from loose flowing robe, to long skirts, long robes, pyjamas and also plain trousers and shirts.

T shirts, Blue jeans are the general casual dress that we wear. Sports clothes can also fall under casual fashion. However, punk fashion and dress can also be regarded as casual fashion. It could be jewelry, lace, cosmetics that punks follow. How about the hip hop fashion who plays up with jewelry that is elaborate and materials that is wonderfully luxurious too.

You can go quite casual in plain trousers rather than women wearing hoops and skirts. Sarongs, kaftans and long skirts could also be regarded as casual evening dresses for women. These dresses could seem somewhat out of place in formal circles. In casual wear there is perhaps more exposure to the skin. Deep necklines as in dresses and gowns and also a lot of show on the backs, thighs and shoulders look casual too.

As for footwear, loafers and sandals that can be worn appropriately in warm weather can be considered casual. A dress shirt and polo shirts stand on the verge of casuals and semi-formals.

As for jewelry for women especially nose rings and nose pins are very casual and a strict no-no for offices. Necklaces and danglers also look bad in a formal environment.

Of course casual dressing is not careless dressing. Zipped pouches or belt bags, gloves, stoles, straw hats and belts can all be a part of the casual dressing up if they are touched up proper accessories. Straddle bags and haversacks are great ways to look casual. These along with dress and fabrics that carry a touch of the ethnicity are the best way to dress wonderfully casual as well as carry that sense of style with you.