Castor Oil Massage

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is thick oil which bears the property of lubrication. Because of its lubricative property, many times it can be used in the machineries for lubrication purpose or to lubricate our skin. Castor oil is not only used to improve the skin beauty but also use to treat dry hairs, skin cuts, blemishes, constipation, etc.

Castor Oil as Massage Oil for Skin

Many individuals practice the spa treatment for massaging purposes. But instead of going for spa and spending our valuable money into spa for various beauty procedures, we can use castor oil for massaging our face with more positive effects than the spa. Castor oil contains the main component as Ricinoleic Acid which acts as an anti – inflammatory agent on our skin.

It also contains other beneficial components such as isostearic acid and succinic acid both having the skin conditioning effects. Castor oil can be used for various skin related problems including pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, skin blemishes, sun burns, hyper pigmentation, etc. So this castor oil gives us the glowing and spot free skin which is the wish of every woman.

Major Steps in Castor Oil Massage

Castor oil has magical effect on skin only if applied properly. You can do this massage daily or weekly as per your convenience or as per your need. At very first you must switch off your mobiles and have some soft music around and curtain your windows so that you will be out of your stress. By doing this you will enjoy the massage and will get much relaxation. Then secondly, tie your hairs by using some hair band so that they could not be interfering in your massage. Before massage, wash your hands with antibacterial hand wash properly.

As castor oil is very thick, you can add little amount of some another oil, as a vehicle, in it. Take a little amount of this oil mixture on your palm and rub your palms over each other gently. Then keep your left hand on your left cheek beneath your eyes and lift it upward direction up to the forehead. Repeat this process for five times. Repeat same process for your right hand side same for five times. Then massage your cheeks for five more times but this time with circular motion going from inward to outward direction.

Carry out similar massaging on forehead and chin too. Also massage your nose and nose tip by moving your finger tips in downward direction on both sides of your nose. Finally massage your neck in upward direction till your jaw bone. For better massage, you have to give gentle pressure on your skin and use only your finger tips for massaging and not the whole palm of your hand. Castor oil has the property of getting absorbed into the skin pores easily and thus cleanses these skin pores and increases the blood circulation to the skin.