Caring For Your Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, life becomes difficult because you never know how your skin may react to different substances. The sun can leave you almost burn, and wearing woolens or synthetics may leave you with rashes. It can be quite irritating to have an inflamed skin because you just used the wrong soap. Indeed the situation is grave, but definitely not beyond ones control. Follow a good sensitive skin care program and you will be much at ease.

It’s important that you use only those skin care products which have it written on their label “for sensitive skin”. Also reading through the composition of the product will let you know whether there are any ingredients which are likely to cause a reaction. A product meant for sensitive skin may often be labeled as hypo-allergic, so that is another term that you must keep in mind.

You can also make use of nutritional supplements for your skin which are freely available in the market and which can thwart quite a few problems linked with sensitive skin. Look for products containing sage, chamomile, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. But whenever you try anything new, be attentive to any reactions that your skin may show. And if you feel there is something unpleasant, discontinue the use of that product.

Sensitive skin is overly predisposed to sunburns, which can almost make your skin look scarred. So it goes without saying that you must never step out in the sun without your defenses that is a sunscreen and a hat. For your hands, gloves can offer excellent protection. Keep your choice of clothes restricted to natural yarns such as cotton, since blends may contain synthetic stuff which may react with your skin.

Dust and pollens are two other things that can be quite discomforting for your sensitive skin. To avoid dust and dust mites ensure regular washing of your bed linen and your clothing. And as for pollens avoid going near plants, and during spring season when the pollen is all in the air, use proper covering for your skin, such as gloves and scarves whenever you step out.

When you have a sensitive skin, prevention is the key to avoiding all further problems.

Sidharth Thakur