Caring For Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin care isn’t easy, because you never know when and how your skin may react to products and environmental conditions. This skin type has the least amount of tolerance and may exhibit rashes and inflammation upon coming in contact with certain chemicals, substances, fabrics, plants and even due to sun rays.

The level of sensitivity and the reaction to different products usually varies from person to person, so you may find that while one person has absolutely no effect from using a particular product, the other person may develop severe rashes or inflammation.

While of course, there is no dearth of medical solutions available to deal with your sensitive skin, going the natural way is certainly more rewarding because it is safe and has a more long lasting effect. The use of natural products is quite an effective method to treating sensitive skin, especially so because the likelihood of natural products to trigger reactions is almost negligible.

Before we enumerate some of the herbal remedies to deal with sensitive skin, we would like to draw your attention towards food and water intake, as even slight changes in your eating habits can prevent sensitive skin breakouts.

If you have sensitive skin you should be a little cautious about what all you eat, since some foods can trigger reactions in your case and if you can identify them you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. Usually, fried and spicy food does cause the reactions. Also canned food may not be a good choice for you since it contains a lot of preservatives. Drinking lots of water is recommended to keep your skin hydrated and to expel toxins from your body.

To prevent the problem of your sensitive skin from escalating, avoiding harsh chemical based products should be your first priority, and to assist you in this we have here a few replacements for your usual cosmetics.

•    Drop out the cleansers from the cosmetic list and try almond oil or jojoba oil to enjoy a clean and clear skin.

•    For exfoliating make use of oatmeal paste mixed with grapefruit.

•    For skin toning soak some comforter in water and use the sieved solution as a toner.

•    You can mix yogurt with any fruit pulp or cucumber to make a face pack

•    If you have access to fresh Aloe Vera, use the pulp to soothe rashes, irritation and inflammation.

Sidharth Thakur