Caring For Your Hair Extensions

hair-extensions If you love long hair, but your hair doesn’t seem to grow well, then you can always go in for hair extensions. With hair extensions you can give yourself a completely new look and enjoy the long elegant mane that you’ve always wanted.

But once you get the hair extensions done, do remember that although they may not be your natural hair, they still need a lot of care if you want them to look good and to last longer.

Everyday care

As it goes for your natural hair, keeping your hair extensions clean is the first essential. Since, hair extensions are glued to your natural hair with some kind of adhesive; you must avoid using any harsh shampoos, conditioners or hair care products.

When you step into the shower for a head wash, wet your hair gradually and don’t let the water fall onto your head with full pressure. Also, using hot water can cause damage to your hair extensions.

When you go swimming

When you go swimming, whether in the sea or in a swimming pool, remember to wear your swimming cap, as the high salt content or the chlorine present in the water can cause severe damage to your hair extensions. Also, when you’re done with your swimming wash and condition your hair to remove any residue.

Styling your hair extensions

You can make just about any hair style with your hair extensions, just the way you do it with your natural hair. There’s nothing to worry, because no matter what hairstyle you choose your hair extensions will hold up as good as your natural hair.

All that you need to watch out for are the hair accessories that you use in your style, because some of the clips and headbands can stretch out your hair and make the strands break. Also, styling the hair extensions with heat and chemicals can cause problems.

Sidharth Thakur