Caring for your Finger Nails

Nails are made up of tough proteins called keratin. Fingernails tell a lot about your internal body health. It’s important to take care of them and keep them clean.

Bad and unhygienic nails are not just embarrassing but they also work as a breeding ground for bacteria and infections that can lead to various diseases.

Tips for clean, healthy and beautiful fingernails

Always make it a point to trim your nails in a square or round shape. This will avoid chipping off of the nails. Shape your nails with the filer to get smoother edges. You will notice cuticles developing, where the nail meets the skin.

Push them back with a cuticle pusher or an orange stick and trim them regularly with a clipper. If they have turned hard soften them with cuticle cream. You can rub a piece of lemon on the nails to make them less brittle and to make them look shiny.

Apply a good moisturizer to the nails and the surrounding skin regularly. This will keep them moist and healthy. Too much application of nail polish can damage your nails and make them brittle. Once in a while leave the nails bare so that they can breathe.

Once in a week, dip your hands in a bucket of warm water with some body shampoo added in it. Use a nail brush or a manicure pin to remove dirt below the nails. Later, use some gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin and to remove the cuticles. Dry the fingers and apply a good moisturizing lotion.

Don’t bite your nails! Biting them makes them uneven and ugly. Also this habit can harm your body. The dirt that sits beneath the nails harbors lots of germs which find an easy way to your stomach, when you bite your fingernails.

Use gloves when dealing with harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, like when cleaning dishes, washing clothes or gardening. Even the chlorine in the pool water can damage your nails, so you must wash your hands well and apply some sunscreen lotion or moisturizing lotion after your swimming sessions.

Drink plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Most of us suffer from dry and brittle nails because the water content in our body is low. Also you must take care of your diet as deficiency of certain nutrients like calcium and vitamin-B can make your nails brittle and lifeless.

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Sidharth Thakur