Caring For Your Eyes

Our eyes have an important part to play in our life as they help us to connect with the outside visual world. Eyes have their own language of expression and even when our lips are silent, the eyes speak a thousand words. And needless to say, to keep the visual connection on and to keep our eyes looking beautiful we need to take good care of our eyes.

The first in your efforts should be to minimize eyestrain which is the major cause of most eye problems. While working and reading in inadequate lighting conditions and remaining glued to the computer or TV are cited as the most prominent reasons for eye strain, your temper too has some bad effect on your eyes.

When that sudden rush of blood, because of anger, reddens your face even your eyes experience a lot of strain and that’s why your eyes normally turn red when you are angry. So before we talk about other ways to treat eye strain, our first advice to you is to remain calm and relaxed and avoid losing your temper too often.

For work related eyestrain, your first priority has to be to ensure proper lighting in your work area, especially when doing things like reading, sewing or cleaning in which you need to focus with your eyes. While reading, most people tend to bring the book too close to their eyes, thus straining their eyes in the process.

You must hold your book at least ten to twelve inches away from your face. And maintaining the right distance is equally important when you’re watching TV or working on your computer. When watching TV or using your computer, it’s advisable to have at least one light switched on in the room, to avoid eyestrain.

To soothe your tired eyes, apply something cold onto your closed eyes, such as cotton dipped in chilled milk or water, sliced or grated cucumber and leave it on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Doing eyes exercises is also quite beneficial in reducing the stress and maintaining proper eye sight.

And lastly if you have the problem of puffy eyes or dark eye circle, then there are just three solutions, one ensure a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night, two eat healthy and three drink lots of water.

Sidharth Thakur

  • Carnie

    i have perfect vision but i want glasses and i was going to do the opposite of what this website says but it is kind of hared so on the website can you put what not to do so i could do it and finally were glasses but not to make me blind or any thing just to were glasses