Caring for Your Dry Skin

Dry skin can make you look lifeless and stressed out. But if you follow the right skin care program, your lifeless dry skin can also look fresh and vibrant, and can feel soft and supple.

Do you know that our diet plays a big role in skin health? In case your skin is dry having a vitamin and protein rich balanced diet, which contains a lot of raw fruits and vegetables can have a positive effect on your skin. Sulfur rich foods such as onions and garlic help in maintaining a smooth skin texture, while vitamin C and vitamin A rich foods will make your skin look healthy. Other nutrients to look for in your diet are omega3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Alcohol and caffeine are killers and cause dehydration of the skin.

For dry skin problem, hydration is an important aspect, which necessitates consuming more than two liters of water every day. Another way to hydrate your skin is to go in for a facial sauna, which too shows some wonderful results.

When you go shopping for cosmetics and cleansing products it’s advisable to go in for products which do not contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol. Using mild cleansers is advisable; especially those which are meant to restore the pH balance. Make extensive use of skin moisturizers; look for the ones which are oil based and thick and greasy in texture. After bath, it becomes important to apply a body lotion or body oil to prevent the skin from becoming dry, tight and itchy. Look for body lotions and moisturizers which contain vitamin E and vitamin A.

Petroleum jelly, though a bit messy and not suitable for facial use, is quite an effective dry skin treatment for the skin of the other parts of your body, especially hands and feet. Milk baths, to which essential oils have been added, will not only control dryness and itching, but will also leave your skin looking smooth and feelings soft.

Dry skin problems normally aggravate in cold climates, and this can be dealt with by keeping your skin covered whenever you step out of your house and increasing the number of moisturizer applications in a day.