Caring For A Toddler

baby_mom The toddler or the complete newborn of one month or less in age, ranges to a period of thirty months. The baby will be facing some common issues for its first few days of coming out of the womb.

The first and foremost one to look out for is the first bowel movement of the baby. This is generally sticky green, because of it containing chiefly of “merconium”, and digested mucus. Therefore, there is no concern here.

Usually breastfed babies produce soft and yellowish stools, with a tinge of light green along with a little odor at times. However, a baby who is bottle-fed often will produce firmer smellier and brown stools.

Feeding fuss is another common problem to look out for. The baby has a lot of reasons to cry. It is normally something they are uncomfortable about. The reason can be anything from the milk flowing fast, to the burp ready to come up, to the baby being full, or no milk in the breast as well. These periods generally come in around six weeks and are back again at around eight to twelve weeks.

The correct way to deal with fussiness of babies is to stop feeding immediately to release wind and resume feed after some time on the second breast. If the fussing continues feeding should be stopped and for the final time return to the first breast.

Weight loss though is not a very common phenomenon but happens quite often. Babies at time tend to loose weight for the first some days out of mother’s womb. This occurrence is quite a normal one though as preceding birth babies preserve nutrients and fluid which are shed in the following days after birth. However if weight loss continues it is advised to see a doctor.

Another common problem a newborn faces during the initial few weeks of life is insomnia or sleeplessness. The newborn is at awe with the environment they are finding it quite strange to adjust immediately. Hence the environment should be checked if suitable for the newborn and if the temperature of the room is proper. However, a warm water bath which is followed by a baby-massage would be extremely suitable for bedtime preparation.