Care Of The Newborn

baby-bath Newborns are the tiniest bundles of delight in parent’s life. It is important to however to have a clear knowledge of how a baby is made.

Let us start our journey to this mystical world with a brief idea about certain biological aspects of both man and woman.

A woman has two balls called ovaries fixed to either sides of uterus. These are full of eggs. An infant girl comes with more than fifty thousand eggs in the ovaries. Though most of them get destroyed almost with an immediate effect, but a justifiable amount is still left, for the future reproductive years. An average of four hundred eggs gets released with the first period and ends with the arrival of the menopause.

When a woman is busy getting a single egg to mature at leisure of one each month, men however are at a constant schedule of production of a million microscopic sperms. These sperms have a solitary objective in life to swim for a life and enter an egg. Men unlike women do not come with ready made sperms. They have to produce these sperms on a regular basis.

From the beginning till end it consists of around sixty four to seventy two days for the creation of a new sperm. With each ejaculation the man releases about a two hundred to a three hundred and fifty million sperms, with an average life cycle of a few weeks only in the body of the man.

Sperm start to generate inside the testicles, which are the two glands inside the scrotal sac underneath the penis. The testicles are placed outside the body in a hanging posture due to their strong sensitivity towards temperature.

During love making the bodies develop tension resulting to orgasm. In a man this orgasm thrusts out rich semen inside the vagina up against cervix. This process of ejaculation gives the sperm a head start in its journey to the egg.

A successful conception happens within the first few after making love. Once your baby is born, there will be a lot of advices coming your way. A lot of them possibly will be myths. Almost everybody will come up with advices of how to put the newborn to sleep. Though they can be with a good intention but can have a harmful effect on ones parenting abilities. There should be a proper plan for parenting.

There are few essential elements that are advisable to have knowledge about the newborn:

All the newborns come with a pug nose. The nose-bridge takes some time to mature. If there is any hair in the newborn baby’s head, it is bound to fall of soon, so that it gets substituted by permanent hair.

At an average a forty percent of the babies come with one birthmark at the least. We should also remember that babies come with a strong smelling sense. We should always keep in mind that babies are still to develop strong immunity as an adult. Although every baby comes with minimal immunity from the mother, but even then they are strongly susceptible to cold. Hence, if anyone has a cold they should be kept away from the baby.