Care For Your Friend After Break Up

friends How many times have you heard that one of your very good friends is in terrible condition due to a break up.

Remember one thing, no body apart from a few maniacs can be really happy after a traumatic break up and it is this time they need their friends most.

Yea we understand perhaps he and his girlfriend have neglected you a lot, perhaps you have lost all those golden days of early friendship when you guys went to movies and had some bachelor fun and all this vanished in the thin air after the arrival of the girlfriend. It is not the time to take revenge but to condole him and provide him enough strength .

Spend some time: This always works. After a break up most of the time people suffer from emotional vacuum and this can never be better fulfilled than spending time with him . Talk to him and allow him to talk more. Let him vent his anger and frustration or whatever he feels. This way it will be a cathartic release of emotions for him and will also help him to get out of this tragedy.

Time For Some Bachelor Fun: Remember the good ol’ days? Remember your first adventure? So why not indulge in them again. After all life is short and probably this is a god given chance to re live your life and friendship. You may not get this chance again.

Distractions: Distractions may well help in reducing the pain and trauma of separation. Take your friend to the movies , outdoor activities and games. Treat him to a spa therapy and anti depressant massages and facials. They have rejuvenating effect on the body and on the soul.

Non Alcoholic: Seeing the movies  and popular notion that alcohol is the beast healer you may get tempted to spend the night in booze. But beware alcohol is a proven depressant so do not indulge in it.

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