Care For Dandruff-Hair

051708-dandruff Most of us will agree that dandruff is one of the most frequent and annoying problem of the hair. No shampoo can get rid of the dandruff forever and they inevitably return to haunt you.

In the summer you won’t realize because of the sweat of the scalp but in winter the problem assumes gigantic proportions due to the dry scalp and flying flakes. Here is a three part system advised so that you can take care of the dandruff.

Change the Food habit: It is very important. If you want to get rid of dandruff then you have to cut out the taste buds. No fried foods and no junk foods either. Dairy products, sugar, chocolates and nuts  should be avoided.

Take the vow making the diet 50 percent full of raw fruits and vegetables. Also do not forget to add flaxseed oil, primrose oil and fish oil to the diet.

Vitamin Supplements:

Vitamin E and Zinc supplements and selenium along with vitamin B
complex can be taken.

Vitamin C and bioflavonoid complexes are also very helpful add them to
the diet.

Lecithin Granules or capsules can also be added to the diet.

Herbal Treatments: Here are some effective herbal treatments for the care of dandruff. They are basically safe without the harshness of the shampoos.

Mix peanut oil and half a lemon and rub it on the scalp and leae it on
for 10 minuets. Wash off.

Mix tree tea oil with shampoo and then wash the hair. Tree tea oil is a
very good antiseptic and helps in dandruff reduction.

A solution of vinegar and water can also be applied to the scalp. Mix chaparral and thyme as a hair rinse. Thyme has proven anti dandruff
properties that will help you to reduce visible dandruff flakes within
a few weeks.