Care For Colored Hair

heena-hair-color Caring Your Colored mane:

Ever heard of the phrase Horns of Dilemma? It is perfect for those who are very much into this hair coloring business. Coloring is a fashion trend now a days and also equally harmful for the hair. Each and every hair coloring product has peroxide, alcohol and ammonia.

These chemicals are themselves very harsh and when absorbed by the skin or the porous hair can cause significant damage in the long run.

Scary Splits:

Try to remember the first time you noticed a split end. It must have been after another hair coloring session.  Hair strands are extremely porous. They absorb nutrients and also all sorts of chemicals. These chemicals penetrate the hair shaft and can even reach the cuticle and the cortex. Your hair will in turn become dull due to uneven thickness and unhealthy cortex and also may develop split ends.

Back Off:

When such damages occur it is almost impossible to repair them. There is no repair for split ends so make sure they do not occur. It is always better not to color your hair but as you will turn a deaf ear to our advice we have the following preventive measures lined up for you. Take a look.

Chemical Free hair Color:

Famous companies are bringing out hair color without ammonia, L’Oreal is one such example. They are best protective hair color in the market.

Push back the Straightening or Perming Dates:

Yes and it’s a must. Push them back for at least two weeks before or after hair color. Your hair cannot take such chemical collision..

Deep care:

If you have colored your hair then use a color protection shampoo. Whether they actually help or not is still a matter of debate but at least they do not harm. Conditioner after shampoo is a must and also go for deep conditioning once a month. Try to expose hair less to the damaging effects of UV rays and also chlorine while swimming. Try to avoid gels, creams and blow dryer on the hair.