Can You Tattoo Over Acne?

Can You Tattoo Over Acne

Can You Tattoo Over Acne Acne scars are the marks left by the pimples and are difficult to get rid of. Even scars of burns, accidents and other operations are difficult to remove. These marks don’t look good.

To cover or remove these marks many options are available. Covering these scars with a tattoo is a good option but it has got some risks. If you have scars on the back or face or at some difficult areas, it is painful to remove it. You should always keep this pain factor in the mind.

And it is not good and safe to make tattoos over acne which is active. Covering the scars with a tattoo is a long and tiring procedure with extreme pain. First try to know the facts related to it and its safety before going for the complete procedures.

Can You Cover Your Scars With Tattoo?

If you want to make a tattoo to disguise your acne scars, let me tell you that this is very time consuming. If an individual, having deeper marks or rough texture of the scars, it will take more time. There is a lot difference in making a normal tattoo and making it on the scars.

As scars have very delicate tissues and they are very closer to new skin, tattooing over them can prove very painful. If your scars are fresh, you can use vitamin E oil for that. This will help your scars to heal faster. Healing period of scars are different for everyone. Sometimes these marks may heal in 6 months or can take a year to cure completely.

Take Advice From Your Dermatologist:

Dermatologists suggest their patients to make a small tattoo on their scars to test the particular area, whether their skin accepts the pigment or not. If your skin accepts the pigment, you can make a tattoo over the scars. And one thing you should know that the scars should be minimum one year old before attempting for a tattoo as the damaged tissue takes more time to heal. Older the scars better will be the results.

Is It Safe?

Without your doctor’s advice, don’t even try to think of it. He will guide you about your decision as he may know some causes that may alter your decision. Else, you can even ask him for the good tattooist who have successfully carried out such procedures. If he suggests you not do it due to some medical problems, then avoid doing it.

Make A Tattoo From A Good Artist:

Ask your tattooist about his experience in the respective field. If you want to make a small tattoo then a normal tattooist can help you but when it is concerned to bigger one, go to an extra professional artist. Choose a simple designed tattoo. Difficult one will create more problems for your body marks. Covering the scars with the tattoo is the tricky thing to do and it is carried out better by the professionals.

There are different tattoo designs in the market. Choose a bigger and better one which will mask your scars completely. Your scars can be camouflaged with the different and beautiful colored ink. Go to an artist who uses good quality material for making the tattoo. Think before you ink!

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