Can You Exercise During Menstrual Cycle?

When you have periods, you can still do exercises, however you must not do exercises that will strain you and will lead to more bleeding and in the end have an adverse effect.

For example, you can do yoga, but do not do all the yoga exercises. If you feel fatigued or have excessive bleeding, then do not do any exercises till you have stopped menstruating.

Any exercises that will squeeze or pressurize the abdominal area should not be done. This kind of pressure can lead to fibroid and cysts because the natural flow of blood will be interfered with.

If you intend to try back bends, then it is advised you do not do it, because that requires tremendous physical exertion and hence will not be helpful if you are having your periods as it will cause excessive stress.

There are some exercises that are meant to be done only when you are totally fit. If you intend to do any inversions or shoulder or head stands, then always avoid them.

Inversions and the similar forms of exercises tend to reverse the blood flow and this will in turn harm the body more and might lead you into having irregular periods or none at all.

When you have periods, you must rest and relax. This is the time when the body is cleansing itself and nothing should be done that might cause hindrance in the process. It is always suggested that you do light exercises and none that task your body considerably.

There are some simple exercises to help relieve cramps, cure body aches and discomfort. Some breathing and meditating exercises help ease anxiety and depression that one might feel one has during the periods. There are some yoga exercises that help in removing irregularities in periods and there are some more that help in removing the pelvic congestion.

All these exercises are recommended. These along with the other breathing and meditating exercises will take you through the menstrual period with ease and without any anxiety. You just have to be judicious enough to choose the right exercises to do to keep your body comfortable and relaxed.