Can Women Look Fashionable Even In Glasses?

Women often feel geeky when have to wear glasses on persuasion. The love to flaunt their limpid eyes and eye lashes which is a pity when covered up in glasses.

However a lot of changes have come up in the eye wears, the colors, the lenses, the frames and they have rather emerged as a fashion accessory these days. You can match the frames with the eye shadow you wear. For an instance, if you use blue frames then you can use a blue shadow too. You can wear a neutral lip color and a blush on and this can make the eyes stand out.

In fact, they look fabulous. You can try and work up some magic with red lipstick if you wear black framed glasses. You need not put any eye shadow but a dark liner and some mascara can add to the drama. In a lighter skin tone this acts wizardly.

There is obviously no use going out to buy glasses for every occasion but choosing ones that make you look your best. Some glasses make the eyes look big and so bright eyeliners should not be applied. Eyes that appear big should not be made to appear bigger with mascara and extra touch ups.

You can use some eyelash curler also as curled up lashes appear beautiful. Spectacles usually make a lady appear a bit geeky and serious minded but there is no harm if that matches exactly with the profession she follows.

For instance if she is a writer or a doctor or a teacher for that matter, eyelashes make her look smart and updated matching her profession. But women who are more attached to the fashion and show biz world can select some ornately styled glasses.

There are numberless designs to go in for if you have to use prescription glasses. There are a wide range of colors used for the frames and a multitude of designs to choose from. Rim less and semi rimmed ones look smart and light glasses make you feel as if there is no weight for them. Wear glasses that make you feel comfortable more than what suits you the most. That should help you look the best in them too.