Can Smoking Help In Weight Loss

smoking-300x225 In today’s world, beauty has a somewhat different connotation, with the runway models exemplifying the latest idea of beauty.

The craze is about being stick-thin, with bony arms and legs and famished looking faces with sunken cheeks and overly prominent cheekbones.

Bemused by this trend, most women are willing to go to any extreme to lose weight. Tell them of any new gimmick that promises quick fat loss, and they are ready to pay any price for it.

Do you know people take to smoking for weight loss?

Alas, there are some women who are so desperate about losing weight that they’re willing to try even the most dangerous of stunts to get that lean figure. Starting cigarette smoking is one of those weird tactics that women have begun using to burn the extra weight.

Now, the fact is that while smoking does accelerate weight loss by killing your appetite, the overall effect on your body is profoundly negative. While killing your appetite, smoking also destroys a lot of the healthy nutrients that your body needs.

You’re inviting trouble

Don’t even think of smoking as a weight loss trick, because over the long run you will be left with nothing but a lot of repentance. Remember that smoking is one of the leading causes of death, worldwide. Smoking affects not just your respiratory system but also your kidney, your heart, your pancreas and worst of all it can be the instigator of cancer in your body.

Your bones will become weak

Apart from that, women should be overly cautious about smoking because after menopause they are quite susceptible to suffer from osteoporosis, a medical problem in which your bones become weak. Smoking damages the calcium in the body, and thus may speed up the degeneration of your bones.

Your beauty will fade away

The reason you want to be slim and trim is to increase your beauty, but resorting to smoking for weight loss will do exactly the opposite of what you intend to do. Because smoking dehydrates the skin, promotes aging and it takes away the natural glow of your skin.

So, think of other ways to lose weight, because smoking is the worst gimmick you can try to get a slim and trim figure.

Sidharth Thakur