Can Chronic Pain Be Controlled By The Mind?

We are not devoid of aches and pains whether we are doing a nine-to-five grind or working from home. Sitting for hours at the computer can cause back pain while handling the household work can also be equally hazardous. The common types of pain that people are usually affected with are arm or leg pain, pain from strains or injuries, arthritis, back pain and headaches and migraines.

People are addicted to medications that can be received easily over the counter. But in cases of severity of pain, we are bound to take professional help. Such intense pain can cause disruption in life. Chronic pains have no clear-cut causes and there are twenty five per cent of people with back pain and headaches that they face even after visiting their doctors. It is indeed so difficult to live with chronic pain. Sometimes the body can be regulated by the power of the mind.

You have more power over the pain and your nervous system and the brain are continuously in communion with each other. These messages are generally messages of pain that the body receives from the brain and they stop as soon as the illness is gone. When this messaging breaks down and the body does not receive any pain messages, the body starts to recover and gets healthy once again. Thus the motive is to make a body-mind intervention and change the course of the nerve paths from pain to healthier feelings.

There are various mind body therapies that work out and these techniques are generally many like hypnosis, visual imagery, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and so on. Body mind interventions can really solve migraine pain and also pain from acute sciatica and fibromyalgia. Often the brain can send pain messages that are erroneous to the body.

This happens when there are feelings of depression, anger, tension and anxiety and the brain responds to such negative emotions. This you should be able to examine the environment with the therapist or the doctor so that the pain reactions can be stopped from happening. The mixing up of messages is equally problematic. It is somewhat easy through practice to put a control over your mind on how much pain you should be suffering and with some practice every day you should be able to do it on a regular basis.