Can Abortion Lead To Fertility Problems?

abortion A major cause of concern for most women is whether an abortion today can causes fertility problems for them in the future. Apart from the medical aspects, there are social, religious and political beliefs that put a big question mark on whether abortion is acceptable or not.

But as for the realms of this piece of text, we will concentrate on the medical aspects only.

As far as medical sciences are concerned they don’t foresee any fertility problems arising out of an abortion, and there are a lot of research studies to prove that abortion does not have any long term side effects.

But quite contrary to this basic study, some studies indicate that fertility problems were seen in nearly fifteen percent of the woman who underwent abortion in the past.

However, has for the second study they have not really pointed out to whether there could have been other possible reasons for the fertility problems faced by different women, apart from their past abortions.

Although, we do not have any clearly outlined links between abortions and fertility, there are some aspects related to abortions which can lead to problems in the future. For one, if the abortion procedure ends up damaging the lining of the uterus, it can lead to infertility.

And even if you to manage to conceive, with a damaged uterus lining, you might face a lot of problems during your pregnancy may even end up with a miscarriage.

There’s always a high risk of infections associated with most surgical procedures. And since abortion is again an invasive procedure, the odds of picking up some infection, which can damage the reproductive system, cannot be ruled out.

Apart from these two problems, abortion is quite safe and may not obstruct your way to motherhood in the future. And the above discussion does definitely point of the importance of going to a thorough professional when you want to get an abortion done.