Buying The Right Perfume


choosing-a-perfume Perfumes and fragrances are an important part of fashion and grooming. There’s a whole range of brands to choose from, and since they’re such a delicacy the price tags for the better ones are simply exorbitant. Smells have a very significant role to play in triggering emotions in the human brain, and that’s why we get a different feeling with every different scent.

There are lots of lovely scents that you can try to create a different mood, such as woody, oceanic, floral, and leathery and so on.

Shopping tips for a perfume, the strength and the concentration of the essential oils used in the perfume are of importance. And it needn’t be said, the more heavily concentrated a perfume is, the more costly it is likely to be. Perfumes are divided into three categories,

1.    Perfumes which have a concentration of more than 22 percent.

2.    Eau De Parfum which contain essential oils ranging between 15 to 22 percent.

3.    Eau De Toilette which is the most diluted form with only eight to fifteen percent concentration.

And as we just mentioned the price is going to be more for the heavily concentrated versions, so the Perfume is the costliest and the Eau De Toilette is the least priced.

Choosing the right perfume

Although perfumes are playing it big in style and grooming, you don’t really have to put your hands on the most expensive one. Instead, go in for something that you like and that blends well with your natural body odor. Also, your choice of perfume should reflect something about your personality.

Most importantly, you need to keep your personality and your current mood in mind and find a perfume that goes well with your personality and is capable enough of expressing your moods and emotions. For instance, at times you may want to flaunt your adventurous outdoors spirit, and on some other occasion you may want to portray the romantic side of you.

And last of all; don’t ever buy perfumes just by looking at their designer bottles and their exquisite packaging.

Sidharth Thakur