Buying Shoes for the Big Feet

There are many issues that you can face in finding the right footwear if you have big feet. It is a fight between comfort and style and in a fight of two, only one is the winner.

One aspect of large shoes for big feet is that while making them, the manufacturers find that to maintain style, the comfort tends to take a back seat and vice versa.

For example, if a pair of shoes has to have heels then they must be proportionate to the design. Due to this if the heels are too high then wearing the shoes becomes quite uncomfortable. The second complain that women with large feet have forwarded that the shoes that they wear cause pain in the back and the hip.

There are some online sites that cater to shoes that for women with large feet, bearing the above mentioned issues in mind. With reasonable prices, these designers make shoes that look classy and yet are comfortable to wear.

If you have found the comfortable pair of shoes, do not worry about the proportional heel. For example, the shoe does not have to have a three inch heel as per the “norms”; opt for one and a half inch of heel only.

With the feet size and the body to match it, the shoe will undoubtedly look good. This also helps reduce pressure on the heels and subsequently reduces the pain in the back as well.

Always go for the quality instead of the price. The expense will be worth it as the shoe will fit you right and hence will prevent all the ailments that a bad shoe might cause to the feet.

Always try on the shoes before leaving the store where you have purchased it from. Buy the shoes only if they are a comfortable fit. The slight discomfort that you might feel may ease out or augment, and hence do not take your chances, lest you suffer from pain in the knees.

There are many trendy shoes that do not have heels and if you are someone who can do with casuals, then avoid shoes with heels and stick to the flat sole ones.