Buying a Watch for your Man

You got to be a man to know and love watches”. Well, this may probably be your man’s favorite chauvinist line, whenever you try to suggest him something related to his watch collection.

For women it’s always jewelry, and for men it’s watches and gizmos, which can get their undivided attention.  Love it or hate it, but we can say that watches are a man’s first love.

But don’t you worry! Here is finally your chance to make him bow down to your style essence and intelligence in choosing a watch for him that will sweep him off his feet. It’s your chance to see that bowled over look on his face.

It is absolutely in your hands to make him happy by gifting him a watch. Just try to incorporate these few tips while shopping for his watch and rest assured, everything will go right as you imagined.

His personality: Always keep his lifestyle and personality in mind while choosing his watch. If he is that sporting, fun loving guy, then try to go for a funky sports watch. If he has that enigmatic, brooding persona, then the safest bet is to buy a classic watch meant just for him.

Retro look is in: Vintage timepieces with understated metal bracelet look are the newest sensation in men’s watch fashion. Bling is out and toned down earthy watches are in this season. So, try to look for that timeless piece in the market which will make your gift precious to him.

The color: it is not necessary to choose dull and boring colors in the watches. The current trend is to go in for unconventional colors. Choose the color which he likes the most, and look for that color in the dials and straps of the watch you are selecting for him.

The bigger, the better: Watches with big dials and straps are the coolest thing around in the market. Watches with larger than standard faces are preferred by men, these days.

Stick to his brand: If he is a brand addict, then it is better to stick to his brand of watches. Remember one thing, men are very particular about brands they wear, so it would be nice to keep a check on the watch brands he wishes to own and which he absolutely adores.

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Sidharth Thakur