Butterfly Decorating Ideas

Butterfly Decorating Ideas

Butterfly Decorating Ideas Butterflies are nature’s gift to the mankind. These stunningly beautiful creatures often visit our gardens and bring in cheers. Many people grow specific plants to invite butterflies into their gardens.

Take inspiration from these ideas to add a touch of fantasy to your room with furnishings, porcelains, wall arts and more butterfly designs and bring a piece of nature indoors.

Butterfly Decorating Ideas

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are an interesting and cheaper ways to decorate your walls with this theme. You can use them in your living room, bedroom, dressing room or even in the bathroom. They are available in different colours and will improve the décor of any room. They are easy to apply and can be removed without any tools when you want to change the décor. Even children would love butterfly stickers, that are made specially for them, in their rooms.

Nylon Butterflies

Want to add a delicate touch to your baby’s nursery? Consider grouping a bunch of nylon butterflies in different sizes and colours for a pleasant arrangement. They are also perfect for a wedding for party décor. They can be hung or stuck on your walls, cupboard doors, switchboards etc. You can also combine a few nylon flowers, bees and dragonflies for a stunning look.

Pillow Talk

Bright linen pillows with bold butterfly motifs in orange, red, yellow, mint etc will really add a lighthearted character to your room. A single bold print or more images in different colours on a cream or beige base will upgrade the look of your sofa or daybed. A piping in chocolate brown, sage green or red will insert a plush look to the pillows. Perk up one or two of these pillows on a single-seater or team these up with a few other plain ones for a stunning look.

What about taking inspiration from the 18th century and embroider a beautiful butterfly on a silk pillow? It will add soft touch to any room and brighten up a neutral décor.

Smooth Porcelains

Invite butterflies to dinner with decorative hand-painted tableware. Chinaware with intricate flower, leaf, and butterfly motifs will take you amidst nature while the bold colours with gold accents will light up your table. During warm weathers if you want to add touches of spring, these are the ideal options.

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Oriental porcelain jars with butterfly patterns will immediate draw everyone’s eyes to it. Whether in kitchen, over the console or on the dinning table, they will create a splendour, borrowing vibrant hues and appealing shapes from the wilderness. Or a sugar jar with a fluttering butterfly frozen in porcelain will add a distinct style to your tea-time.

Frame Them

As an alternative to contemporary art, you can decorate your walls with framed butterflies. The fine design and vibrant colours with a wide range will make you appreciate the fine craftsmanship of Mother Nature. The framed butterflies come in all colours and shapes.  They are also framed in a pattern. A single or a grouping will add elements of interest to a room. But do ensure that the decorative elements have been done with dead butterflies only and not with those specially killed for framing.


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