Business Wear Tips for Plus Size Women

Workplace today has got trends like “Casual Fridays” and “Business Mondays”, which offer one many opportunities to dress in a variety of apparels and make the best use of the formal clothes in your wardrobe.

However, wearing business formals and casuals might seem challenging for plus size women, especially in a competitive environment where it is vital that one comes across as the best.

First let us consider what should be the attire that should adorn the wardrobe. It is commonplace for all work places to accept women in slacks and skirts. Have them in basic colors like khaki, navy and black. In case of plus size women, if the correct fit has not been found, then a pair of good knit is a viable option.

The career-section of apparel stores usually has attires in larger sizes. There is a concept of slinky knit which is a ribbed knit in spandex or polyester. This has an appropriate drape, is roomy and is available in a large range of colors and styles. A pair of black knit pants and a black skirt is a must for any one in plus size.

Following are few wardrobe essentials- 2 suit jackets at least, one for summer and one for winters and skirts in the same color as the suit jackets. You can also have houndstooth and black tights.

The jackets should fall below the hip line and the looks may be variegated by the use of scarves and pins of different types. White shirt in a vest or brocade looks good both with black knit pants and skirts.

Tops, knits and sweaters for plus size women should be a good fit and are a good way to take the attention off the extra size. Big shirts, knit pants and sweaters are a great combination to wear in cold weather and it helps in ease of movement and work and goes well with any body type.

A person in plus size must always look for the quality of her clothes along with the fit. Versatility can be brought in by the accessories and all the formal attire can be in two or three shades.