Business Dress Codes – Don’t Look like a Fashion Victim at Work

In the corporate world there are 3 forms of attire; Business casuals, Formal Business attire and Casual Friday. Business casuals include formal trousers, dress pants, blouses, knit shirts and blouses and skirts and tops.

Formal attire would include pant suits, skirt suits worn with hosiery and close toed shoes. This type of attire would require a hair style that is conservative, jewelry that is not flashy and minimal makeup. Casual Friday attire would allow a person the liberty of wearing jeans to the office.

In order to avoid looking like a fashion victim at work there are certain basics that you must follow. Firstly clothes that would be considered sexy must not be worn to the office. This includes mini skirts, see through clothes, clothes that reveal lingerie, strappy blouses and sandals or flip flops.

Avoid dressing sloppy even if it is on a casual day. Baggy clothes, wrinkled and creased clothes, unwashed garments are an absolute no-no any day of the week including a Friday.

If you want to look polished when at the office here are a few guidelines.

The colors that you wear to work reveal a lot about your personality. Red normally suggests an aggressive personality, navy is down to earth and trustworthy, grey signifies a conservative person and black is chic.

You can mix and match these colors to suit your personality and personal preference. Opt for sober colors, solids and monotones. Prints can be worn however if they are too bold then leave them out of your work wear. Don’t wear bold colors like neon unless you are in a creative field.

You must wear jewelry to work however be wise with your choices. Jewels that are noisy like a dozen bangles in your hand jingles and is not suited for the office.

Ensure that you are well dressed and not sloppy. Manicure your nails (even if you do them at home), wear clean shoes, avoid wearing loud makeup and carry a medium sized handbag with you everyday.

Be particular about the perfume that you choose to use to the office everyday. A fragrance that is too bold may be over bearing. Also do not spray large amounts of perfume on yourself just before you step into the office as this too may cause a stir the moment you step foot into the office.

Wear clothes and accessories that are subtle rather than distracting as the former is more acceptable in a formal setting.