Business Casual Clothing For The Professional Woman

A lot many employers today have begin accepting business-casuals as the official dress code, as against the earlier completely formal business attire for women’s. That indeed leaves you with a lot of flexibility and comfort.

As for business-casuals, you have a extensive series of clothing to choose from, such as coats paired with jeans, chinos paired with oxford shirts Etc.

The basic thing about business-casual is that it’s a sort that is neither completely formal not completely casual, rather something that’s in between. If you really want your career graph to move in the right direction, dressing up well is a first step towards professional growth.

You indeed get a lot more flexibility in terms of color when you have to wear business-casuals, however, to keep your looks a little sophisticated and polished leave those hip colors for a weekend. If you want to make your outfit a little brighter, think along the lines of choosing some bright accessories such as scarves rather than dressing up completely in striking clothing.

The latest in business-casual trends is the fitted top, with proper cuffs and labels and a neatly done up waistline, which can be sported equally well on jeans, trousers as well as skirts. Fitted tops normally come in very pleasing fits, flattering your body as if these were tailored specially for you. They are short in length and just end a little below the belt, which allows you to wear them without tucking them in.

A somewhat better and a more professional looking business-casual look is to wear skirts instead of pants. So, you don’t really require that expensive and refined suit-skirt to wear to the office. The right length is of course somewhere around and knees, and as for the fabric you definitely have a wider choice here because you can try cotton, linen and chino as against the formal woolen blends. To fashion a nice business-casual look with a skirt, go in for some good professional shirt and a scarf to wear with it.

As for footwear, joggers, flip-flops and running shoes can never make it to the business arena so avoid them; instead go in for comfortable loafers, ballet shoes, ankle-top boots, strapped sandals or pumps.

Sidharth Thakur