Business Accessories For Career Women

women To become a complete package and showcase your confident and stylish personality, at work, it makes sense for every woman to invest money on buying quality office accessories. Good corporate accessories will not just lend you a competitive edge, but will also add to your confidence and style.

We all know how competitive the present day corporate set-up is, and whether or not you are in the rat race for promotion, using good accessories will help in creating a distinctive professional niche for yourself.

Here are some business accessories that every professional woman should possess.

A good executive handbag

A designer office bag definitely lends you a bold and distinctive edge over the others, and you can choose a design to go with your particular taste. Apart from the design, what’s more important is to own a handbag by some worthy brand name, that is well recognized by all your office colleagues.

More than the design, it is the brand name that really matters in the corporate world. But, that doesn’t mean you have to shell out thousands of dollars to buy some of the very high end brands, instead look for simpler designs by a good brand at the bargain stores.

For everyday use you don’t need something too fashionable, rather look at the practical aspects. And if you can afford it why not have two different bags, one for regular use and the other, a little fashionable one, for your special days like for board meetings and big presentations.

A business planner

Look for a high quality business planner, with a leather cover. You should preferably stick to buying one in leather only, because those with synthetic covers look somewhat cheap and lose their looks within a few months. While the outer covering is important, due pay attention to the quality of the paper used inside because that too must be of high quality. And it’s always worthwhile to choose a design that says something about you.

A business card holder

No matter what your job profile is, keeping a business card holder to organize all the business cards is a better and a more professional way, rather than dumping them into your handbag and then trying to dig through the clutter when you need someone’s card.  This isn’t very expensive an accessory and you may be able to find one for less than $5.00, but look for something that is tasteful and stylish and something that you will not feel hesitant to pull out in social settings.

Sidharth Thakur