Building Self-Esteem

If only I were like this and a little bit like that and had more of this and had more of that, my life would be wonderful. Does that sound familiar, well if it does then you’re reading the right text. Our infinite cravings and the all pervasive dissatisfaction about our bodies and our possessions is a result of nothing but a low lying self esteem.

To deal with most challenges of life we need a solid foundation and this solid foundation comes only and only with a high self esteem. When you need confidence, resilience and power to confront and triumph over obstacles in your life, improving our SELF-ESTEEM is all you need to work on. At the core of low SELF-ESTEEM lies our tendency to continuously and persistently compare ourselves with people around us and finding faults within us. We look at people around us who are more successful, powerful, happier, popular and beautiful, and then begin feeling that we are lacking in so many ways.

There is no harm in comparing ourselves with others, provided it is done in a more positive sense and all we try to do is to improve ourselves rather than feel dejected. With the evolving society, our perception of success, beauty, popularity and wisdom have ascended to newer heights, making it all the more difficult for us to match up with these newly established standards and thereby feeling low and dejected. The insecurity that comes along makes us to dislike our own selves. No wonder, body image related psychological problems such as bulimia and anorexia are engulfing more and more women today.

It’s time you snap out of this whole nonsense and look into the mirror and tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong with your looks, rather you are beautiful. Being overweight calls for exercising and proper diet, so drop the idea of cribbing about your looks all day and embark on the path of self improvement. Always remember that you may be good in so many ways in which the others may not be as good.

Whenever you look outside you will always find that someone is more beautiful, richer, more loved, more intelligent or more successful. But that does not mean a single person can have all the good things in life, maybe you have one of those things which the other people can never have. So be pleased with what you have and stop ruining your life by chasing people who you think are better than yourself.

Sidharth Thakur