Building Better Communication With Your Partner

Communication is a vital part of every relationship, whether it’s professional or personal. 50% of the love relationships that die out too early, lack of proper communication is the main trigger for the split. Ever since human evolution, communication has been the main tool to building interpersonal bonds, and that is one fact that no married couple should ever overlook. The more you both communicate with each other, the more you will be able to understand each other, get intimate and build a life long bond.

Men and women have different psychological setup and practically different styles of thinking. Accordingly, their way of communicating differs in a lot many ways, like women are more verbal and men speak very less. To build up better communication between you and your partner, you need to understand these differences.

Men love explicit talk
Men have a very straight forward way of thinking and are not good with words. So whatever you’re trying to tell them, keep it simple and straight. If, you want them to do something, ask them in plain words and they will understand. But if you try using a rounded language, bringing in the gibber-gabber, they will be clueless about how they need to react and what they need to do. Be direct in what you want to tell a man, and you’re sure to get the desired response.

Get his attention before you speak
If your partner is busy fiddling with his gadgets or is glued to the TV, get his attention first before you begin talking. Because if you begin talking, while he is busy with something else, he wont hear you and then you both will end up in a fight because you’ll feel he doesn’t listen to you. And in case you didn’t know, getting the audiences attention is the first step towards effective communication.

Sometimes when a man is deeply into something, forcing him to listen to you may not result in healthy communication. He won’t be completely listening to what you’re saying, as his mind will be half fixed on whatever he was busy with. In such cases its better to let him finish off, before you begin talking.

Give him a chance to talk
As I said in the beginning, women are more verbal than men, and this can turn out to be a major communication problem between couples. Communication is not about speaking, it’s about hearing too. So while you’re talking let your man also have a chance to talk, as it is men usually have very less to say. You expect him to listen to your talk, but how can that happen if you’re not going to let him talk and if you don’t listen to what he is saying.

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Sidharth Thakur